Q. Do I need a music license, and how much does a music license cost?


A. This will depend on where and how the music is to be used. See below for a few examples.



Q. Can I use your music on my YouTube video or channel?


A. Provided it is non-commercial (e.g. not advertising a business/organisation, product or service) this is absolutely fine, but be aware that you will receive a claim from my ad revenue partner, so you cannot monetise the video without a license. I also respectfully ask that you credit me, ideally with a link or two!



Q. We are a non-profit/charity organisation. Can we use your music?


A. Normally a license is required, same as any other business. However depending on the nature of the music usage we may offer a discounted rate for non-profit causes. 



Q. Is there sheet music available for your pieces?


A. We do not currently have sheet music available. However, we are working on a music book that includes piano renditions of my more popular works, as well as original manuscripts and the backstory of some specific pieces, not to mention some photos too. Keep an eye out!



Q. Do you accept commissions?


A. Absolutely, bespoke music is something that I love doing. It does however command a higher price than licensing a pre-existing piece, but has the advantage of options like complete ownership of the audio once completed, which means you will have music that is completely unique. 



Licensing, commissions and bookings:




Anything else: