Marcus Warner is a composer, musician and producer who has been self-releasing his own music for over ten years. He has a strong presence on Youtube and Spotify where he receives over half a million plays per month; this has been achieved without any industry representation. Marcus began releasing music online when he was just 13 years old, under the pseudonym Evening Star: much of this work was experimental, covering several music genres including drum and bass, ambient and classical. Marcus continued to develop his playing skills and style, integrating new influences into his music he felt more akin to -  folk, synth pop and soundtrack music. By this time his style had changed significantly, and he began releasing music under his own name. Over the past four years Marcus has graduated with a BA (Hons) in Music Composition and Technology from the University of Hertfordshire, and self-released four albums as well as several music videos and travel documentaries. He also is a keen photographer, filmmaker and car enthusiast.